Power Zone Power Yoga is the style of yoga that has become the foundation of the Power of Your Om brand. With years of competitive athletic experience, Ironman Triathlons and a deep desire for helping people move better, Adrienne Smith has a passion for for connecting movement and exercise into something bigger than just getting shredded.  Power Zone Power Yoga is more than just a style of yoga, it’s a complete vibe that is multidimensional – challenging, inspiring, lighthearted and healing. It empowers us all with capabilities of going to the next level in a sweaty yoga practice and everywhere else in our lives.  

POWER ZONE - Power of Your Om's Signature Classes

Have you ever had those moments where you get swept up in movement, a sport, a task or action and time just flew by? We call it “the zone,” and we get into it by connecting our movements to our breathing. Power Zone is our signature class where we connect breath and flow in a dynamic class that will leave you feeling alive, challenged, inspired, connected to something bigger and ready to step up to the next level in your life.

All of the Power Classes are heated 90-95 degrees and include poses for beginners with advanced postures for more experienced yogis.

CHILL ZONE - Power of Your Om's Intensity Alternative

No matter where we are in life, we all have days (sometimes more often than we’d like) where we don’t feel amped to kick it up a notch, but we need to move to get the kinks out.

Windows are open and the A/C is on for the Chill Classes.  Mellow music keeps the vibe chill.  Incredibly beneficial for all humans on the planet – especially the ones who keep saying “I should do yoga.”

Looking for the perfect place to start? This is it. Keeping the poses simple and foundational with the attitude lighthearted and fun, here is where you will learn about getting in “the zone” by connecting your breath to movement while simultaneously getting sweaty, building strength and deepening your understanding of a life-long yoga practice.
Heated. May include Music. Beginners / All Levels

If you want a secret weapon to accelerate your practice and progression, this is it. Rock Your Core teaches you to access your abdominals and obliques, making your yoga practice more balanced and controlled. Incorporating a variety of strength training techniques, RYC can help turn even the weakest midsection into yogic under armor. This class is accessible for beginners, but the high-energy pace will get your blood pumping and sweat pouring for one of the best workouts you’ll find at any yoga studio.

Heated. Music. All Levels.


Described as a true moving meditation, let all the distractions melt away in this “shut up and flow” type of class. We craft original playlists of fun lyric-free music, while the instructor leads students through a powerful class that begins with a continuous flow of sun salutations where your mind begins to quiet and your body’s instinctual nature takes over.

Please note this class is led (poses are not taught, but called) so we recommend having at least 3 classes under your belt before taking Power Beats

Heated. Music.


We’re going old school folks…taking you back in time where poses are held perhaps a bit longer, alignment held in reverence, and classic tunes to help accompany you on your journey inside.  Challenge is delivered with tough love and a huge smile as you tap into parts of your body and your mind that may have been previously covered in cobwebs.  

Heated.  Music. All Levels.


Keeping the heat up but the tempo down, this class is designed to keep beginners comfortable and confident while challenging the advanced practictioners with an increase in steadiness.   Learn to move slow and find stillness, as you practice controlled fluidity, mindful transitions, long holds and more. 

Heated. May include Music.  All Levels.


Our signature Power Zone class without music so that you can create a bigger connection to breath, yourself and each other.

Heated. No Music. All levels.


An amped up version of our signature Power Zone class with an accelerated pace gives this class the reputation for being one of the most challenging and thrilling hours of your life where you learn to connect to feeling alive, energized and ready to come back for more.

Heated.  Music. All Levels.  


An amped up Power Zone class with music that keeps the vibe light and bright, so that if you feel inclined to shake it, you’ll have the opportunity to have a dance party on your yoga mat. This class combines both strength, flexibility, flow and lots of flair to ensure you walk out leaving lighter than you arrived.  

Heated.  Music. All Levels.


This class is a wonderful alternative to our Power classes and a great way to take a chill pill from life. The slower pace of this class will allow you to move mindfully without feeling overwhelmed. Chill beats accompany this class that gives you the opportunity to truly put the brakes on your muscles with no heat, no chaturangas, no abdominal work, no standing holds and strength-building postures so you can truly chill out.

Not Heated. Music. Great for Beginners


For those who want to move slower while still tapping into a connection with breath, core strength and deep motivation –  the slow motion class is the perfect option. This class will move you through a chillax-ed flow and then move to the floor to work on more opening, releasing and chilled out yoga postures that help you stretch and relax your muscles and mind. 

Not Heated. Music. Great for Beginners


We strive to connect everyone to the possibility of being in “the zone” everywhere in their life – the place where, no matter what is happening in life, we are able to be at ease with it. So, every Saturday at 4:00p and Sunday at 8:30a we offer up a $5 yoga class. For the cost of a tall latte, you can connect your breath with mindful movement and be up to something bigger than yourself as all the proceeds from the class are donated to a different charity every quarter.

Lightly Heated. May include Music. All Levels.


The vision for Power of Your Om came from a play on the words “Power of your own.” We all have this insane power within ourselves to LIVE out the vision we’ve created in our minds for a successful life. Adrienne believes in taking full accountability for what shows up in our life, and no matter what, being the source of our own inspiration while also inspiring others. Our signature class, Power Zone, came from the athletic phrase of being in the zone, those moments where we get swept up in movement, sport, task or action and time simply flies by. The zone is achieved by connecting our movements to our breathing and letting the rest of the word fall away. For  seconds, minutes or hours we are connected to something bigger than ourselves.  

The PoYO Zone or The Power of Your Om Zone is a perfect name to capture what our team at PoYO is up to when we are on and off our mats – we all have our own ways of tapping into the zone and therefore each one of the teachers and staff will show up as ourselves. We bring passion, a genuine smile and a big heart to each conversation, interaction and class we lead. As a team, we are committed to growth and support, so we show up for each other and our community – everything from taking each other’s classes and attending team building sessions, to training together and volunteering at local events in support of our Santa Barbara community. Our team is like a family, we are always there for each other. When we fall out of living our best Life, we ask for help, support each other, coach each other and learn to move forward so that we can create more for ourselves  our clients and everyone around us.



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