Five Bullet Fridays with David Rachford

This week for Five Bullet Fridays, we sat down with David...

  • What you’ll find on my playlists: I'm wearing out my eardrums to "Don't Worry About It" by Kings, can't get enough of it... reminds me of being a kid... it's on my "September Power" playlist. Find me on Spotify under my name David Rachford

  • What I’m reading: Crooked "Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery" by Cathryn J. Raim, and "The Body Keeps the Score: "Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma" by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. - I had a severe back injury which comes back and bugs me from time to time; so I'm interested in books about healing, especially from research backed modalities. Spoiler alert: Yoga works.

  • What activity I’m participating in outside of yoga & what I’m learning: Weight-lifting. After a 4 year break, I went back to the gym. I respond well to resistance training (so much better than marathon running.) My health foundation is built on my yoga practice. I'm learning it's much easier to build a strong body on a strong foundation of health. I'm also recording videos for a YouTube project, "Yoga with Navy Dave." Yes, I was in the Navy, and that was my college nickname. So I'm also learning about video production and working with a team to make it happen.

  • What I’m focusing on in my daily yoga practice & what I’m learning: Come from "You are ready now." When we show up on our mat, we're ready to practice. We hear in the studio "how you show up on your mat is how you show up in life..." but I can't tell you how many times I've held back on doing something, starting a project, releasing something into the world. Sometimes you just gotta say, "What the heck!" You are ready now. Make your move. So how I show up on my mat (ready now) is starting to carry over into my life off the mat.

  • Purchase I’m enjoying: My new Seed Sprouter! Sprouting is super fun. You probably grew sprouts as kid or had a chia pet.. In a podcast with Dr. Ronda Patrick, she talked about the benefits for broccoli sprouts, so I've been growing a crop each week. Into my morning smoothie they go!

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions & catch up with us, David! Catch him on Mondays at 7:30pm, Tuesdays 7:30pm, and Fridays at 4:30pm.