Five Bullet Fridays with Erynn Wanek

This week for Five Bullet Fridays, we sat down with Erynn...

  • What you’ll find on my playlists: Currently, I've been really into instrumental music with a good beat. I find it less distracting in my practice but love the option to shake my booty! My most recent playlist have some Kygo, Slightly Stoopid, Big Wild and Mutemath. Find me on Spotify under Erynn Wanek!

  • What I’m reading:I have a guilty pleasure for mindless fiction reads. I just finished The Husband's Secret! It's the same author as Big Little Lies and I highly recommend it for these last warm days at the beach. I'm also thumbing through Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. It's a series of poems that tell a story of a young women's life and her everyday struggles and victories. I always seem to read a piece that speaks to me when I need it most.

  • What activity I’m participating in outside of yoga & what I’m learning: Well, back in August I had surgery on my wrist and the healing process has been long. I have had to find ways to keep myself active and off of my hands so I've been hiking 4-5 times a week! From this change, I've realized how much my body loves and appreciates the trails here in Santa Barbara. I've learned how to apply yoga principles to hiking. I also have had to practice a lot of acceptance of where my body is after a surgery and some time off from heavy physical activity. As I do in class, I keep my focus on my breath and on the trail head of me. And being a teacher, this has allowed me to bring this concept full circle, into my classes.

  • What I’m focusing on in my daily yoga practice & what I’m learning: I am now a week back into my yoga practice, post-surgery, and the biggest thing I am focusing on is acceptance. My body is tight and I have had to make a lot of modifications to my asanas. I cannot put full weight on my wrist so I'm learning to be creative on my mat. I've begun to modify in ways that are still powerful and effective, while still being gentle and caring on my body.

  • Purchase I’m enjoying: I'm absolutely loving my new Merrell hiking shoes from REI. I took these babies on a trip to Yosemite last week and hiked 16 miles in them! They are perfect for day hikes, lightweight and can handle some trail running.