Five Bullet Fridays with Jenny Fratt!

For Five Bullet Friday's this week, we caught up with Jenny, the newest addition to our team! Jenny hails from Arizona where she started teaching yoga back in 2013! Thanks for sharing your light with us, Jenny!

  • What you’ll find on my playlists: I'm always looking for yoga music inspiration! I love incorporating unexpected genres into my class playlists. Right now you can find Justin Timberlake, Scissor Sisters, Rihanna, and The Black Keys all on my most recent playlist. I'm Jenny Fratt on Spotify and love sharing my music with students - it is so exciting for me anytime a student asks me about a song they heard in my class. Best compliment ever.

  • What I’m reading:I have a master's degree in counseling and I'm currently doing crisis work at a nonprofit, so self care is a huge priority for me. Right now I'm reading a book about self care and secondary trauma called Trauma Stewardship by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky.

  • What activity I’m participating in outside of yoga & what I’m learning: Wedding planning! I got engaged in May and I'm getting married in 2018, so wedding planning has been in full force! It has been so much fun. Through the process I'm learning that small things are really not worth stressing about - in planning a wedding or in daily life. It's the people you surround yourself with that matter most.

  • What I’m focusing on in my daily yoga practice & what I’m learning: Lately I've been focusing on being more playful in my yoga practice. It is so easy to get caught up in how a pose should look or achieving "perfect" form, but the fun and awesome part about yoga is letting it get messy - that's where the discovery and growth and "aha" moments are. And I want more of those moments!

  • Purchase I’m enjoying: Ginger Chews from Trader Joe's! They are always in my purse. They're super chewy and I love love love ginger. Also, most people aren't interested in trying them or think they sound gross, so I don't have to worry about anyone stealing my candy!

Five Bullet Fridays with Jenny Fratt

Five Bullet Fridays with Jenny Fratt

Jenny teaches at 6am on Mondays, 6pm on Wednesday and subs all around the schedule! Catch her in the lobby to chat about all things yoga, puppy, and wedding related! Jenny rocks!