Five Bullet Fridays with Leo!

For Five Bullet Fridays this week, we caught up with Flash himself, Leo!

  • What you’ll find on my playlists:You'll mainly find funky electronic originals or remixes from Dj's like "VOLO" or "R3hab" on most of my playlists. Find me on Spotify under Leonardo Adme.

  • What I’m reading:Currently I am reading "How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle" by Matt Fitzgerald

  • What activity I’m participating in outside of yoga & what I’m learning: When I'm not doing yoga or running, I am at CrossFit. I've learned how to really listen to my body and give it what it needs. Whether that means rest more, or push hard during my workouts.

  • What I’m focusing on in my daily yoga practice & what I’m learning:Staying present in my yoga practice is almost if not harder than doing 108 chaturrangas. Currently, I am working on how to stay present especially when things get hard. I'm learning how to stay grounded both on my mat and in my life. How can I make everyday the best day and not worry about what I need to do in an hour?

  • Purchase I’m enjoying:I just bought new running shoes and I am absolutely loving them. Maybe this time I can beat Kyle Visin at Nite Moves (he's the one averaging a 4:50 pace pushing a stroller).

Five Bullet Fridays with Leo!

Five Bullet Fridays with Leo!

Leo teaches Yoga Shred, Monday - Friday at 7:30am. Yoga shred is a class Leo helped design that is the perfect marriage of his love for yoga and crossfit. This coming week is CHALLENGE WEEK in yoga shred which is a timed workout so you can keep track of your fitness progress! Come check out yoga shred or catch him teaching yoga Fridays at 6am and Sundays at 10:30am. Leo can also be found CRUSHING Nite Moves each week and shredding the pavement all around town.