Five Bullet Fridays with Sabrina Round II

This week for Five Bullet Fridays, I made a pot of coffee and caught up with myself :)

  • What you’ll find on my playlists: Right now, I'm really hanging onto summer vibes, so you'll find some reggae on my playlists! I've got some Slightly Stoopid and Soul Majestic so I can keep living out those 80 degree days :) Find me on Spotify, Sabrina Schneider Ladd!

  • What I’m reading: Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste... besides the fact that its required reading for a yoga training I'm attending next month, its a really great book. In it, there is a part about simply just saying yes and no and really makes me rethink the things I am doing versus the things I WANT to be doing.

  • What activity I’m participating in outside of yoga & what I’m learning: Right now, I'm focusing on continuing my recent delve into running/jogging and cycling. I trained for my first (sprint) triathlon this summer, and am ready to sign up for my next one :) I am focusing on not allowing myself to fall sedentary, because I know it will be 10 times harder to jump back into training for my next race in January if I do! Join me on Wednesday mornings for a run from the studio down to the wharf and back after my 6am class!

  • What I’m focusing on in my daily yoga practice & what I’m learning: I have had quite the wandering eye in my practice lately. What I mean by that is compare-asana. I find myself sore from my runs and am therefore not able to push myself in my practice as much as I could in the past. Recently, my husband returned from a very long trip and he was able to jump right back into his practice, handstands, jump throughs and all. I found myself getting irrationally irritated every time he nailed a handstand or an arm balance I couldn't get (even though I love him very much). My daily practice has been focused on staying on my own mat mentally and not comparing myself to others. That's the hardest challenge for me, even more than nailing a chin stand ;)

  • Purchase I’m enjoying: PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. I am #basic, and I'll be the first to admit it. From pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds, pumpkin greek yogurt, pumpkin cheerios, the only thing I can't consume too much of are pumpkin spices lattes (they upset my tummy if there's too much syrup). My favorite pumpkin product right now is Trader Joe's Autumn Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce. Its rich, so I put it on zoodles a lot and sometimes on pizza as a special treat.

Catch me in the lobby to talk about my love for reggae and all things pumpkin spice!