Adrienne Smith

Studio Owner // 1200 Hour Certified Baptiste Influencer
Adrienne’s yoga classes are known to be intense in a way that gives you access to both reaching a new edge of your physical abilities and also drawing attention to what may be holding you back in life. She is a passionate leader, mother and former professional triathlete who fills class with nuggets of inspiration, jokes and stories that will make you feel like you are at a good friend’s house. You will leave encouraged to see where your yoga practice is at work everywhere in your life so that you can live your best life and be up to something more.


Tricia Speidel

Operations Manager // Certified Baptiste Teacher
Tricia believes that yoga is for anyBODY. Tricia’s classes are filled with lightness and challenge. She will give you the tools to choose how you react and play big. Expect to push, play, and expand physically and mentally with her. Tricia is committed to creating a strong community by seeing and empowering PoYO’s students and team members.


Mallory Doppmann

Mallory will take you on a physical and mental journey in every class keeping the target of getting to know yourself with more clarity, notice the chaos that exists and make choices from that new awareness. Mallory will provide a nurturing space for every student to thoughtfully challenge themselves towards something new - a new thought, a new pose or a new friend. She will inspire your infinite possibilities.


Amanda Fitt

Amanda is a dancer turned yogi who was drawn to vinyasa yoga for its choreography-like flow and access to mental tranquility. She trained with the Besler's and then later fell in love with Baptiste Power Yoga and the community at Power of Your Om. Amanda brings exuberant energy to her classes and hopes to bring out the “impossible” (no such thing!) in each and every one of her students. Amanda received her 200 hour certification through Yasa Yoga in 2016 and Power of Your Om in 2018.


Bella Fredericks

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Bella learned the importance of community from the start. After beginning a regular yoga practice she soon discovered that the yoga community was a special one, full of acceptance and growth. Bella became a teacher to encourage anyone and everyone to get on their mats and to unlock the physical and mental benefits of yoga. In her classes you’ll find a playful yet challenging energy, pushing you to be the best version of yourself, all while getting in a good sweat. Bella received her 200 hour certification through Power of Your Om in 2017.


Sarah Jackson

Yoga has created a platform for Sarah to step into her freedom and live out loud. She teaches from a place of self-empowerment and finds joy and play in working hard. She believes that every moment we can create this for ourselves. When she’s not practicing yoga, she enjoys writing music, singing and twerking. Favorite quote to live by: “Come from you are ready Now!” Sarah received her 200 hour training through Power of Your Om in 201


Mikaela Steinwedell

Mikaela is a Texas native who recently started calling Santa Barbara home. Her dad introduced her to yoga 6 years ago, but it became a pivotal part of her life after she sustained a traumatic spinal injury in 2016. She is an old soul with an adventurous spirit, and her classes are a journey towards self-compassion, expanding physical abilities, and paying attention.


Erin Miller

Yoga allows Erin to slow her role. Staying busy Coaching Sports Performance At UCSB, yet still not feeling fulfilled with life in Santa Barbara left her at the steps of PoYo. The bright community brought her in and the mind body connection made her stay. Finding the place of effort and ease through her practice has allowed Erin to more fully enjoy life! Erin received her 200 hour training through Power of Your Om in 2017.


David Rachford

After a career ending military injury, David walked with a cane and abused narcotics and alcohol. A physical therapist suggested regular yoga practice. Within three months, he stopped taking narcotics and was free from pain. David says: “Yoga gave me access to vitality, power and freedom. I teach yoga to share that path and lead others to life in full expression.” David is on the path to being a Baptiste Certified Teacher.


Jenny Tucker

Expect to be greeted with a contagious smile and challenged to explore in Jenny's classes. You will typically find upbeat music, corny jokes, and encouraged to push, play and expand yourself on and off the mat. Jenny teaches yoga because she believes there is no better way to get down with your authentic self, and because no one ever regrets getting their yoga on.