$ 20

  • 1 Yoga Class Pass
  • Valid for 1 month after purchase
  • $20 per class price


$ 45

  • 1 Month Unlimited Yoga Classes
  • Valid for new local clients only


$ 160

  • 10 Yoga Class Pass
  • No Contract
  • $16 per class price
  • 1 Year Expiration
  • Save $4 per class instead of buying drop in
  • Can be shared with friends or family


$ 280

  • 20 Yoga Class Pass
  • No Contract
  • $14 per class price
  • 1 Year Expiration
  • Save $6 per class over buying a drop in
  • Can be shared with friends or family


The following membership options are open to any students. The commitment for our various memberships varies by type. Memberships must be paid for using auto-pay (credit card or debit card required).


$ 89

  • Unlimited Yoga Classes
  • 2 Month Commitment
  • $89 Monthly Auto-Payment Required
  • Must be under 25 with student ID
  • 30% Discount on 1-day Workshops
  • 10% Discount on all Retail Products
  • PoYO T-shirt
  • 2 guest passes per month for friends new to PoYO


$ 109

  • Unlimited Yoga Classes
  • 2 Month Commitment
  • Monthly Auto-Payment Required
  • Sign up before your intro month ends for this great rate!
  • Register while on your introductory month for $20 off 
  • 30% Discount on 1-day Workshops
  • 10% Discount on Retail Products
  • PoYO T-shirt
  • 2 guest passes per month for friends new to PoYO


$ 75

Per Month
  • 5 Yoga Classes Per Month
  • $15 per class price
  • Auto-renewing
  • 2 Month Commitment
  • Use it or Lose It
  • Great for those coming 1 x per week
  • 10% off all retail
  • 30% off PoYO Teacher-led workshops
  • PoYO T-shirt
  • 2 guest passes per month for friends new to PoYO


Power of Your Om Yoga strives to provide its students with not only exceptional teaching but also high standards in customer service and business management. We believe in integrity to our commitments and feel that this combination will add to the longevity of the studio and the reliability of our programs. We also believe we have a responsibility to contribute not only to our students but the business community at large. In order to achieve these goals, we must be committed to growing a sound company. Thank you for adhering to and understanding our need for company policies. We are available to discuss them at anytime with you if needed.


We ask that you kindly review some of our in-class policies before attending classes at Power of Your Om Yoga.

General class policies:
  • At Power of Your Om, we do not allow students to assist or spot each other in class without the express supervision, direction and consent of the teacher. We also do not allow students to solicit help from fellow students.
  • It is typical for our teachers to perform hands-on assists to students in class. If you are uncomfortable with this method of teaching, please let your teacher know before class begins.
  • If students are disruptive, disrespectful, conversing privately in a disruptive manner or attempting to teach each other above the instruction, the instructor reserves the right to respectfully ask them to discontinue for the safety and consideration of the rest of the students in class.
  • We will never, under any circumstances, force or coerce a student to perform a pose against their will or keep them from leaving class.
  • Incidents: if an incident of any kind or magnitude, whether physical or emotional, occurs in a classroom, it is encouraged that the student communicates directly with the Studio Owner. Confidentiality will always be maintained but clear communication is necessary.
Unless otherwise noted, the yoga room will be heated to the following: 90-95 degrees and relative humidity. We will do our best to ensure the heat is always at this temperature but cannot guarantee it in every class.
Scheduling policies
Weekly class reservations and scheduling:
  • Classes begin on time.  Please arrive 10 minutes before class begins to ensure we begin on time.
  • If a student reserves a class online using our online scheduler, we will hold their space until 5 minutes before class begins.
  • If the student does not show, their space will become available to drop-in students.
  • If students make reservations and do not show for class, they will not be charged for the class unless the class is full and a spot has been held for them. It is not necessary to contact us if you need to cancel but it’s helpful.
Private lesson policies
We are happy to offer a wide variety of times and teachers for private instructions. Please take note of a few policies.
  • All private lesson arrangements must be made with the studio by calling us at 805.770.3662 or emailing us at yoga@powerofyourom.  We will then relay pricing, teacher availability and arrange further details and planning.
  • A valid credit card is required to be on file at the time of scheduling.
  • A 24-hour notice is required for the cancellation of private lessons. If cancellation occurs inside of 24 hours, 50% of the cost of the lesson will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • Group, off-site and event private lessons are all available.
  • There may be different lesson fees for specific instructors. Please consult studio for prices.


Payment is always due at the time service is rendered.
Refunds and Transfers
All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. We will not give refunds for classes taken, partially taken or packages partially used.
Monthly Auto Payment
The monthly auto draft package will draft from your credit card or debit card on the date that the package is set up. For example, if you purchased it on the 1st, it will draft on the 1st of each month thereafter. Each contract has either  a 2, 3, or 12-month commitment.   If you want to end your contract early, you will continue to be charged for the duration of your commitment unless you move at least 25 miles away, or are physically unable to move your body.  You must provide a 5-day written cancellation notice (to yoga@powerofyourom.com) or your membership will auto-renew on a month-to-month basis. If we receive your notice less than 5 days prior to your billing date, then you will be charged one last full payment on your normal billing date and all future payments will be terminated.  In that case your membership will expire one month from when the last monthly charge is placed.

Our 10 and 20 class passes have an expiration of one year.

Freezing, Holding or Transferring Packages
We offer an an option to all members to “freeze” their membership for any length of time longer than 30 days for a one-time fee of $25.  In the event of an injury or illness (longer than 30 days), packages can be placed on hold with a doctor’s note.  Class purchases are not refunded due to injury or illness no matter the situation.
Corporate/Small Business Membership Policies
  • 4 or more employees (no maximum) within the same company (may be located in different offices, but same main employer)
  • commitment is 12 months. At the end of each 12 months, a new 12 month contract is created.  For each contract, must complete 12 payments of $69.  Memberships can be put on freeze for a minimum of 1 month up to 3 months.  The freeze fee is $25 for any 30 day period, and then each month it is $25.  Client is still required to pay the 12 months at $69.  For example if client freezes a membership for 3 months, the client would pay $25×3 + $69×12.
  • No transfers allowed to other employees.
Think of signing up for workshops like buying concert tickets.  Once you buy them, they are yours and there are no refunds.  If you cannot make it to a workshop, feel free to arrange transferring your “ticket” to another person.
Power of Your Om Yoga Studio reserves the right to cancel or change the date of a class, workshop or retreat at any time. We will do our very best to notify all students by email, website posting, online scheduler announcement bar, Facebook and Twitter postings and by verbal announcements as soon as we have made the decision.
Instructor Policies
We hold very high standards for our teachers at Power of Your Om Yoga Studio and are all committed to adhering to the policies set forth in our company’s Policies and Procedures Manual. With regard to instruction, we wanted to share a few things with you so that you can be assured of our commitment to running a credible yoga studio.

All instructors will either hold, at minimum, an RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teaching Certificate) or be in the process of attaining one. If an instructor does not yet hold a teaching certificate, they are under the careful mentorship of a Senior Teacher of the Studio.

All instructors work with the owner and other teachers at the studio to consistently receive feedback and grow as a yoga teacher. All instructors are required to hold their own liability insurance. All instructors are required to be certified in CPR.


Certificate of Completion
The Certificate of Completion (200-hours) is awarded when the series is completed and the requirements listed below are fulfilled by 2 months after the end of Teacher Training.
  1. Attend all weekends (all sessions) of the Power of Your Om Yoga Teacher Training unless otherwise arranged prior to the beginning of training.
  2. Complete all homework assignments on time.
  3. Maintain a regular asana and meditation practice.
  4. Assist one class per week and teach on live class during the course of the training under the supervision of a mentor.
Teacher Training Code of Conduct
It is important to honor the process for any intensive training and to respect and support each participant in their growth throughout program.

The following guidelines are requested of all participants:

  1. Come to all sessions on time and ready to begin.
  2. Come prepared to all sessions, with homework, materials, books, notebooks, yoga mat, change of clothes, etc.
  3. Respect others and the confidentiality of participants.
  4. Be in communication.
  5. No gossip.
Teacher Training Make-Up Policy
Students must make-up all missed hours. A schedule of make-up time must be approved by Adrienne Smith and will involve a fee of $100/hour.
Teacher Training Refund Policy
There are no cash refunds or credits on any deposited payments after the start date of training. This includes full or partial payments applied to any aspect of our program. If the program is full or your application is denied all money will be refunded.