We offer community donation based classes every Sunday at 9:00am where 100% of the proceeds go towards a community organization. Each month we partner with a different local organization.

We do ask for a few commitments to boost the impact of this partnership:

  • Have one representative present at each Sunday 9:00am class.

  • The first Sunday of the month, the organizations’ representative gives a 2 minute explanation of the organization’s mission so that people know what they are supporting when they donate.  

  • On the last Sunday of the month, the representative shares about the impact that community donations make for the organization as a great way to lead to any collaborations in the future!

  • Social media posts about the donation class at Power of Your Om weekly during the partnering month.

  • Invite people to come to class with you!  People are likely to donate more to your organization if they are receiving something in return – in this case, a yoga class!

Our commitment to our partners:  

  • Weekly emails sent out to our clients with Donation Class reminders.  

  • Weekly Social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.  

  • Announcements after each class in the days leading up to Sunday’s class.   

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Meet Our Partners


Interested in becoming a partner? Apply Below:

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Do you already have a regular yoga practice at Power of Your Om? *
We ask that you commit to having AT LEAST one representative from your organization present & practice & share your passion with us at each Sunday 9am class during your partnership month. Can you commit to you or another representative be present AND give a 2 minute or less share about your organization's mission & provide acknowledgement at the beginning of class?
Can you commit your organization to promote the Sunday 9am Community Yoga Class during your designated month with at least post on both Facebook & Instagram Each Week? *
Your post should include the day, time and location of the class as: Sunday 9am Community Class at Power of Your Om Yoga Studio.