Power of Your Om is a Baptiste Power Yoga Community that encourages everyone willing to do the work to push, play and expand on and off their yoga mat.  We offer classes for all levels in a heated room – and Chill, Yin Classes in a cool room.  Some classes have music, and some don’t.  All classes are designed to support your overall health and well being while taking the rigidity out of yoga to make you feel and know that you belong.  We invite you to join us.  You are ready now.

You can expect that each one of the teachers and staff will show up as ourselves. We bring passion, a genuine smile and a big heart to each conversation, interaction and class we lead. As a team, we are committed to growth and support, so we show up for each other and our community – everything from taking each other’s classes and attending team building sessions, to training together and volunteering at local events in support of our Santa Barbara community. Our team is like a family, we are always there for each other. When we fall out of living our best life, we ask for help, support each other, coach each other and learn to move forward so that we can create more for ourselves our clients and everyone around us.