“What just happened?” was Adrienne’s thought after the final Om and cheering that commemorated her first ever Baptiste Yoga class. There was something intentional, invigorating and captivating about this practice that she couldn’t find in any other studio so she decided to go to the source and learn from Baron Baptiste in 2008. After her first Level 1, she discovered her reason for existing…her “why” as Simon Sinek puts it. “My life is for making a difference. I need to give all willing and able human beings the ability to experience how a physically challenging yoga practice gives access to power, vitality and freedom everywhere in their life.” In July 2008, Power of Your Om was born in Naperville, Illinois.

Adrienne owned and operated this studio as she moved her life to California and began blaze new trails and created new roots. Something was missing though. She craved Baptiste Yoga. So she opened the second location in 2011 to bring this profound practice and electrifying community to Santa Barbara. She has gone through her late 20s and all of her 30s as a yogi, entrepreneur, elite athlete, leader, and most recently a mother. She knows what it takes to endure physical demands on the body when she trained as a professional triathlete. She is also all too familiar with what heartache looks and feels like having lost both of her parents just months before bearing her first child. It sucked on all levels but she was committed to not just surviving. She thrived and Baptiste Yoga was at the core.

“Power of Your Om exists because we all need a safe space to experience our reactions to challenges and learn the tools and techniques to deal. The practice is physically demanding because it needs to be…life is not all rainbows and butterflies. The challenges we go through have the opportunity to create us as stronger, more humble, more kind and better people. Our community needs us and this work. Our world needs us. Our vitality is at stake!”

If you want to thrive, Power of Your Om is the place for you. Each one of the team members will hold the space for you to grow vigorously while being in constant creation of being up to something bigger than yourself. We invite you to join us. You are ready now.