At Power of Your Om, we believe we have the power within ourselves to live out the vision we’ve created in our minds for a successful life . We are a part of a global community as a Baptiste Affiliate Studio and the impact we are creating in the world goes beyond our own physical bodies on our yoga mats. You’ll notice it immediately when you walk in the door and upon taking your first class. Each interaction and every class bleeds with passion, purpose, authenticity and courage. As a team, we are committed to each other and our community to grow and be supported – at the local level in Santa Barbara as well as a global community with the Baptiste Institute.
Classes are taught with clear instruction, guided with hands on assists and led with the purpose of each student being capable and responsible for their own self discovery of mind, body and spirit. Our team is like a family, we are always there for each other. When we fall out of living our best Life, we ask for help, support each other, coach each other and learn to move forward so that we can create more for ourselves, our clients and everyone around us.
Join us – YOU deserve it. YOU belong!

Power: Our Signature class led in the celebrated Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga style where purposeful movement, challenging postures and connection is delivered to bring you to your edge.  Each class will uniquely deliver your physical body to the fullest potential of power, vitality and freedom.  Get ready to sweat, move and push past the limits of what is possible.  All Levels welcome.  Heated 90-95 degrees.      

Power Basics: Our Signature Power class with added emphasis on the foundations of connecting breath to movement, physical alignment, intentional focus and core connection.   Fabulous for newbies and seasoned yogis seeking mastery.  Low Heat 80-85 degrees.

Power +  :  Our signature Power class with extra opportunities to invert, balance, play, rock your core,  or fine tune your practice.    Perfect for all levels and all those digging new adventures.  Heated 90-95 degrees

Dirty !%@$#!  Beats:  Our Signature Power class with explicit musical content.  If you are looking to let the !%@$#! go, twerk and have fun bleed through you, this is it!  All Levels. Loud Music.  Low Heat 80-85 degrees. 

Stretch: We start with gentle flowing where we connect breath to movement and prep the body for deeper stretching , opening the hips, and restoring the body to increase flexibility and create ease of movement.  Yoga therapy balls may be used for self massage.  Great for beginners, athletes, pregnant mamas, our “I’m too ______ for yoga” friends, and those who are recovering from injuries and want to move their body.  Non-heated 70-75 degrees. 

Chill:  We all need to decompress mentally and physically and this class is it!  You will slip into a relaxed state of mind with mood chilling candlelight, essential oils and props (pillows, blocks, straps to help you get comfy). The entire class takes place on the floor as we guide you through 5-12 “Yin” style postures that work into your connective tissues, ligaments, joints and fascia.  This class is great for newbies and especially athletes that need to take a break from using their muscles.  All levels.  Non-heated 70-75 degrees. 

Shred:  Yoga vibes combined with a high intensity workout give you the opportunity to perfectly compliment your yoga practice or physical fitness regime without having to join a gym.  We incorporate strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and mindfulness (with or without weights) to allow you to move with more strength and mindfulness everywhere you move.   We begin with yoga to warm up the body and dial in the mind, move into higher intensity cardio exercises and end with deep stretching.  This class is great for those who want to add some variation into their routine, love the sculpting aspect of weight-training and want to have accountability to make it happen.  As always, the effort you put in is up to you.  All Levels.  Low Heat 80-85 degrees. 

Community:  Our Signature Power class where we make ripples within and beyond the studio walls by contributing all donations to a local partner.  Beginners encouraged, all levels welcome.  Low Heat 80-85 degrees.  *Suggested Donation is $10-20.  Credit card donations accepted.