Coming together in the face of loss & grief

There is no one way to handle loss, devastation, tragedy and our own grief - I've learned this first hand after losing both of my parents. One thing I know is that I am eternally grateful for the team at Power of Your Om and this community that allowed me the space to process all of it in the way that seemed best for me. I tried a lot of different things to move past the feelings that always wanted to bubble up to the surface. And when it was all said and done, which it never will be, I learned that in order to heal, I needed to feel. I hope that we can always provide that safe space for you - now, during this time of devastation for our community and whenever else you need it. We are always here for you in whatever capacity you need us to be and in addition, we are offering a yoga for loss and grief workshop on Sunday, January 21st from 12:30-2:30pm to give you and anyone interested the opportunity to experience the healing powers of asana, meditation, inquiry and community on the heals of the Thomas Fire, the Montecito Mudslides or any other loss that you have experienced at any time in your life - a loved one, a relationship, a job, etc. I invite you to join us.

We love you. We love this community. Please join us.

Adrienne & the PoYO Team