Yoga for Surfers

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Even with the lack of waves, we've been getting a lot of questions lately about yoga for surfing. To better answer some of those questions and give a lay of the land, we recruited the help of PoYO teacher and shredder of the gnar, Jenna!

Yoga for Surfers
Surfing is touted as the laid back, go with the flow, Taoism of sports and makes up so much of our culture in Santa Barbara. If you are a surfer, you have most likely suffered from tight shoulders, sore back, and even tighter hamstrings … have you ever considered that yoga could help you with that? Surfers need yoga - maybe even more than your average athlete and here’s why…

  • Tight hips and hamstrings due to all those pop ups, rail grabs, and barrels

  • Compressed lower back, rounded shoulders, and closed chest from paddling

The key to yoga for surfers is to do it often. No need to spend your precious dawn patrol at a yoga class, however, it is better to do 15-30 a few times a week. These moves can be done in your living room, on the sand, parking lot, wherever! If you are new to yoga, start slow, be kind and accepting of your body and don’t push it too far - you don’t want to end up with an injury that keeps you out of the water!

Pre-Surf Flow
Roll shoulders up back and down + shoulder flossing w/a strap - grab a strap (or leash, towel, whatever) and hold hands wider than your shoulders. Bring strap up over head and back behind you, then back in front of you. You may need to adjust hand positions. Cat/Cow - awakens spine Sun Salutation A x 5 - warms up body Sun Salutation B x 5 - begins to stretch and strengthen your hip flexors

Post Surf Flow
Child’s Pose/Thread the Needle Cat/Cow Downdog to Ragdoll (Keep knees bent and sway side to side) Horse Pose - alternating shoulder dips Pigeon - release all of that tension in hips Supine Twist - release lower back Savasana - you earned a nap after a surf and a yoga sesh! If the waves are flat .. which, let’s be honest, is a lot of the time here in Santa Barbara, get your body to a full yoga class at Power of Your OM! A hot, sweaty, powerful class twice a week is going to transform your strength, flexibility, and power in the water. A regular yoga practice builds your core, shoulder, and back strength. As well as increases balance - so you can shred the gnar with confidence and style!

About the Author: Jenna has been surfing since she was a little girl in her hometown of Redondo Beach, CA. Jenna attended UCSB and is now a teacher at a local middle school where she also coaches their surf club! Jenna graduated from PoYO's teacher training program in the fall of 2017. Catch her kickass classes all around the schedule as she subs regularly! When Jenna isn't at the studio, you can catch her shredding the gnar at Rincon (where there are waves), hiking, biking, and enjoying an ice cold Chief Peak at Topa Topa!